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Atkins Golf Club at the University of Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How far in advance can I book a tee time?
For individual 4-somes, up to 30 days in advance by using the link on our website.  A login and profile are required.  If you have a group of 16 or more players, please click the contact us link on the bottom of the page to receive more information on our group events.

Do you allow 5-somes?
No, to ensure the enjoyment of all players, groups of more than 4 players are prohibited.

Do you pair groups of less than 4?
Under normal circumstances, individual golfers and 2-somes will be paired to make 4-somes.  This includes pairing single riders into a shared golf car.   

Do you allow riders that are not playing golf?
A limited number of non-golfing riders are allowed as long as there are seats in golf cars available.  The purpose of allowing ride alongs is to keep an individual from being left behind alone.   When we can accommodate, the fee for a ride along is $25 for 18 holes and $15 for 9 holes.  If a ride along plays ANY holes, they are expected to pay the greens fee as well.

Do you allow food and beverage to be carried on?
No, we have on site food and beverage service for your convenience.  Under normal circumstances, you will play a maximum of 5 holes (10-14 is the only place it is more than 3 holes) between opportunities to purchase food and/or drinks.  You will also have restroom facilities at these outlets.  

Do you have rental clubs available?
Yes, we offer current year full sets (14 clubs) of Callaway clubs with six Callaway Supersoft golf balls.  Rate is $55 for 18 holes and $40 for 9 holes.  We are limited on ladies and left handed sets.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Repeated late cancellations or booking for more players than you have may result in a customer being required to pay in advance.  Groups of 12 or more will be required to pay in advance.

What is your raincheck policy?
Rainchecks are offered for those who do not complete their round due to weather.  When weather conditions prevent a player from finishing, the value of the raincheck is prorated based on the price paid and the number of holes played.  Rainchecks are redeemable for future greens fees and cart fees only. 

Do your golf cars have GPS?
Yes, the GPS system provides players valuable information regarding the golf course including distances to greens, penalty areas, and bunkers.  It also provides information on pace of play, special conditions on the course such as restricted areas for golf cars or weather updates.  

Do you allow music on the course?
Yes, as long as the volume is considerate of the other players, other guests, and the homeowners in the surrounding neighborhood.  Our golf cars are equipped with 2 USB ports to make sure your electronics continue to function during your round.

Do you allow golfers to use their own golf cars?
No, privately owned vehicles of any kind are not allowed on the golf course, even as a means to come to the clubhouse, practice area, or restaurant.  Please use areas along Stone Creek Blvd that allows your type of vehicle to come to the clubhouse.  Once at the clubhouse, please use the parking lot for your privately owned golf car or other vehicle.

Do you have a dress code?
Yes, in an effort to maintain our standards for appearance.

- Shirts must have sleeves.  
- Slacks or Bermuda length shorts.  Cut off shorts or gym shorts are not allowed.  
- Any denim that is worn must be free of holes and/or ripped material
- Footwear is required

- Tailored slacks, skirts, dresses, Bermuda length shorts, and capris are all appropriate attire.  Cut off shorts or gym shorts are not allowed.
- Any denim that is worn must be free of holes and/or ripped material
- Footwear is required

The above dress code applies to customers of all ages on both the golf course and practice facilities.
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